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Classic SD Precious Alox

Classic SD Precious Alox
43.00 CHF
incl. 7.7 % Tax excl.

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Example of pricing: Tamponprint or Reliefprint, from may 1th

Knife Camper, Item No. 1.3613

CHF 24.-

Special price by 46 pieces / 137 p. and above

CHF 16.80 / 14.40

Additional discounts when ordering larger quantities

4 - 16%

Tamponprint with 2 colors of your logo, per piece

CHF 0.65

Initial costs for stamp

CHF 130.–

Delivery for Tamponprint time aprox (in Switzerland)

4 weeks
Delivery for Reliefprint (in Switzerland) 5-10 days

Reordering of your knife is possible at any time

from 30 pieces





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