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Super Tinker Winter Magic Special Edition 2019

Super Tinker Winter Magic Special Edition 2019
56.00 CHF
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Huntsman "Year of the Rat" 20209

Introducing this year’s incarnation of the Huntsman Year of; our pocket knife created in celebration of the Chinese New Year. For 2020 it honors the rat – the first animal to feature in the Chinese zodiac – and one of paramount significance.

Agile and smart, just like the blade it adorns, the rat was traditionally associated with protective qualities and is a symbol of longevity and good health.
Decked out in vivid red with gold embellishment and a decorative drawing of a rat; this is a standout gift.



Huntsman "Year of the Rat" 2020

88.00 CHF
incl. 7.7 % Tax

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